Mobile Ready Websites

Does your website struggle with size of text when viewed on a smartphone screen?  If so, you might be interested in what is called ‘responsive design’ for your future website.  Elements on the page will ‘slide’ around, and drop below other elements – instead of shrinking down to microscopic-sized pieces of information.  When the items slide/shuffle around – you’ll notice that the presentation stays the same – but allows your readers to be able to scroll down the page without having to ‘pinch/zoom’ to find the information they need.


Mobile-ready (‘responsive’) features

  • “Click-to-Call” – this allows your website visitors to easily click on a button, which activates the phone software of your device, entering in the phone number and effectively calling your business.  This has become very handy for people in a hurry, or simply don’t want to write down your phone number, then re-enter it again when they close the browser on your phone.  Again, keep it simple – and people will use it!
  • Social links – although this can also be used effectively on desktops, mobile-users have a much better opportunity to quickly click a ‘like’ – since their mobile phones are already connected to their social network apps. Most times, they don’t even need to log in – just a single tap, and you’ve gained another follower/like/poke/slap…     Can’t keep up with all the lingo, but you get the picture. (‘gram…  is that what they call it on Instagram? Like – ‘gram me on Insta?)
  • Swiping/sliding through image galleries – because, it’s fun to use the mobile features built into the device already. If you can make a gallery full screen – you can easily use the touch technology built into the phone to quickly swipe left/right to browse images in your gallery.


If you can use these features effectively, you’re on the way to making your website more effective for mobile users.  Another factor that you should think about when designing a responsive website, is that Google will boost your rankings in mobile search results – IF you have a mobile-ready website.  If you don’t have a mobile-ready website, it doesn’t hurt your chances of showing up higher…  but when you’re looking for any sort of advantage, you should start thinking of smaller opportunities.  They all add up in regards to SEO.