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If you haven’t heard of WordPress – it’s one of the easiest ways to set up a website.  Training on the use of WordPress can be accomplished before your cup of coffee gets cold, and the interface is simple and clean.

There are thousands of ‘themes’ available online, which can change the look of your website in minutes, and plugins are available for nearly any feature that you’d like to see.

(Note: If you’re looking for a good plugin for your website, but don’t know the right option – send me a message using the contact information on this website, and I’ll help you find the right solution!)


Security and feature updates happen about once per-year (for free) – and don’t change the interface enough to notice anything even happened.  There are still websites online that were originally built five to ten years ago, that are still running smoothly on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System).  So, my suggestion – is to aim for WordPress as your software of choice.

When you have the option to install WordPress – you’ll have to set a Username and Password for the administrator account (this stage is very different between providers, so I apologize for the vague nature of the following statements) so that you can log in and get to the WordPress Dashboard.

The WordPress Dashboard allows you to add pages, upload images, access the page content (what shows visually on each page of your website) and edit your menu options.  One of the greatest aspects of using WordPress for your website – is that there are thousands of people uploading tutorials in regards to using WordPress in a variety of situations.  How do I add a “Theme” to WordPress?  Jump over to YouTube – and search for Basic WordPress tutorials.  You’ll be designing your very own website in no time!

There are literally 100’s of tutorials on YouTube for each step of website development.


Need Help?

As with any of the services on this website – I don’t want to overemphasize how important it is to realize your strengths and weaknesses when trying to accomplish these tasks, or learning this information.  If you aren’t ready to tackle ‘setting up a hosting account’ – get in touch with a local provider who can assist you through these steps!

If your eyes glaze over during this post, realize that this is the most important part of your marketing efforts – so you can get someone to help you build your website – and spend more of your available time on other marketing tasks!  If you have any questions – contact me using the contact information on this website.

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