If you are struggling with branding tactics or strategy for your company, it might be time to bring in the professionals.

Digital Outfitters specializes in brand awareness and exposure techniques, that have been used by corporations and larger enterprises for many years.  The underlying psychology of logo design and branding in particular, is that you can effectively draw a potential customer in to your pile of leads, simply by creating emotional and logical relationships with existing brands.  Whether these are good or bad relationships is up to you.

A good example would be a startup who is working to establish a new product for children, but aren’t sure how to properly implement a brand strategy.  They might just use a logo that looks like spray-painted graffiti, apply for a domain name that has a misspelled version of a popular word – and move on to try and make money.  The issues that could arise, are that the domain name might be difficult to remember – due to the misspelling. The spray-painted graffiti logo might be hard to distinguish as a ‘brand’, and might not be effectively “remarkable” in your potential customers’ mind.  This causes issues with the product sales, and could potentially sink the business.  All due to a lack of brand strategy.

Our experience in logo design and branding extends beyond drawing logos.  We build out concepts based on your industry, create mock-ups for shirts/hats/business cards – and will go the extra mile to make sure that you can get them printed and/or applied at a reasonable cost through our network of promotional material providers.

If you have any questions about our services, please take a minute and contact us for more information!

Brand Strategy

Does your current branding reflect who you are, and how you’d like to be seen in the industry? Sure you’re great at what you do, but how do people know that? Let’s dig in and develop a comprehensive positioning strategy that will guide you out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Logo & Identity Packages

Your identity is how people think of your business and either visualize or vocalize what you’re “about” to other people. Whether you’re a new player on the field or a seasoned vet looking for a reboot, we live to develop identity systems in sync with long-term vision and big-picture strategy. Visual storytelling at it’s finest… and most succinct.

Business Name Service

Are you having trouble coming up with a business name that matches the style and direction you’re approaching your service or industry? We thought so. Now let’s work together to figure out what that sounds like in as short and catchy a manner as possible.

Non-Traditional Methods

A direct route to your audience’s ear may not always fall into a nice and tidy category. It might make more sense to think outside the box and hit ‘em where they least expect it. Let’s get original. Let’s get creative. Let’s get weird.