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As with your logo design, you should be very careful to not jump on the ‘trend-wagon’ when designing your website.  Many new websites rely too heavily on parallax scrolling, flashy features, animations, and scrolling images, and not enough attention is paid to the presentation of the important information.  If you have too many ‘interesting’ things happening on the screen, is a visitor able to find the information they need to contact your business?  Are they able to find your service area?   Or do they simply get the feeling that the amount of ‘flash’ (not to be confused with Flash, the online animation code) is distracting enough to be a cover for lack of actual substance?



If your website has too many options in the menu, you can momentarily paralyze your visitor – as they don’t know which direction to go in your navigation/menu.  If you stop and put some thought into your navigation – you can easily direct your website visitors to the information they need to learn about what you provide, in terms of services or quality of products?  Keep things simple – and get the information on the proper pages that will give your visitor a pleasing experience.

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